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This time we return with a Terraria guide aiming to explain how to create an Void bag.

Why create an Void bag at Terraria?

Throughout our journey in the game, the Void vault is of vital importance, although we have it, it is necessary that we have the knowledge of how to create an Void bag, since in this way it is possible to completely use the vault, being the most important factor for our inventory, the answers will be in the content of this guide, you just have to pay due attention to what is presented.
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    How to create Void bag in Terraria?

     We will need a demon or a crimson alternate, which will be useful to us as a creation station, in the underground part of the biomass it is possible to obtain, having to carry out excavations, if at this point we have already gone through the creation of the Void vault it is possible that we already have an idea of ​​where to find it, having already the alternate crimson we will have to have some ingredients to create the Void bag, these are 30 bones and 15 spores of the jungle, now in the case of that we have an alter ego variants are presented, we will then need 30 shadow scale and if it is crimson we have that there will be 30 tissue samples, in this way we can already create the Void bag, with it it is possible at any time to have access to the Vault of the void, with which we will help ourselves not to lose any object that we find due to the lack of space that our inventory may need, operation totally different from the d e a vault of money.

     Finally, now that we know how to create an Void bag and this makes it possible to go ahead with Terraria.

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