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The Division 2: How to get target intel

2020-02-20 10:53:12

In The Division 2 we will be presented with many tasks to perform, one of these is How to obtain destination information and here it will be fully covered.

Why is destination information important in The Division 2?

The reward hunt leads us to have the necessary information to reach the position, since we will have a team to defeat it, the information of the objectives is vital, we are going to receive it at the beginning of each restart week, A key resource for our tasks, we each receive 50, the maximum amount to be achieved by our character, will decrease when we go for the reward objective, if we fail to use more information to meet this goal again, so in this guide we will know how to obtain destination information and with following the content from here it will be sufficient.

How to get target information in The Division 2?

It is possible to obtain target information with the following location methods:

Random events on the map
Bosses at checkpoints

The control points can be taken by our enemies, when this happens we must clean the control point, then we must protect it from another wave, so that we can achieve it it is important to have our allies if we want to make the occupation of this once again and defend it, when we dominate the control point we can access the supply room, so we would have some information about the target we have nearby, being in the supply room the location near the enemy, in the same way that any chest has to Being an orange place, available to be looted by us, on many occasions here we will meet with bosses and they have to release target information.

Investigating the random events of Washington DC will be another way to obtain destination information, those places that are marked with the question, these places will be on the map, saying unknown activity, we have to go to this location to deal with what happens Here, there are many things that we can find, from deactivating propaganda, hostage rescue or facing enemies that are in the area, in this way it is possible that we get to the information, it is certainly not guarantee any of these possibilities to achieve it, but it is Surely we have to complete many random tasks and when we complete enough we can see the rewards available.

We have concluded with this The Division 2 guide, in which we present the solution to How to obtain destination information and in this way we can continue to meet the objectives that are presented to us.

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