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Temtem: How to Catch Pigepic

2020-01-24 11:44:46

Temtem is presented as a fairly varied game where creatures are precisely its center of attraction, so let's see how to catch Pigepic.

Pigepic is part of the creatures we meet in this game, because the ideal is to make him part of our team and therefore it is important to take a walk through the side missions, even when we consider that this creature might not be interesting , the important thing is that it is usually useful when we are on parallel missions, it will be precisely the one who helps us complete them.

Where does the search for Pigepic start in Temtem?

To know how to catch Pigepic it is simply necessary to know where it can be, because its location is necessary, because it makes things easier for us, we will have to start the side mission, which is called Pigepic Fan, this is given at the beginning of our adventure , because exactly upon arrival in the city of Brical de Mar, there we get a Temporium, within the Academy, as well as other articles that may be important, our goal here is to go to some houses with the aim of performing some secondary searches, which includes talking with the Pretty Child where the search for our goal really begins.

How to catch Pigepic in Temtem?

This is another of the Temtem that we get when we start the adventure through this wonderful and interesting world, `for this it is necessary to pay attention to the map and go south of the city of Arissola, because it is precisely there where they tend to spawn regularly, even when we can observe them on the cliffs of Thalassian north of Brical de Mar, only there will be accompanied by Ganki and Paharo.

To catch the Pigepic it is necessary to cause a fight, where we will finally capture it, just take care that it is still in sufficient health, because it is likely that we will find some tamers in the grass and if obviously our Temtem has poor health, they will simply take it away from us and the combat will not have been of any use. Fortunately, the town is close enough to the north of the place where these creatures usually spawn, when the town arrives, we will go to the temporium in order to make sure that our friend is in good shape. The capture of the Pigepic allows us to receive a reward for reviving it, this is achieved by returning to Cute Toddler.

In summary, knowing how to catch Pigepic offers us the possibility of participating in two parallel missions, being really a useful creature and we must have it in our Temtem team.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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