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This time we have prepared to tell you everything you need to know about how to merge fleets in Stellaris.

What are Stellaris fleets?

This is a more than important element if you have in mind to expand your empire and make sure that you can protect your borders, especially when mediations between armies do not give positive results, so merging your fleets will make them act faster and more efficiently. More efficient.

How to merge fleets in Stellaris?

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    The first thing you have to do is make sure that your fleets are in the same sector to make the process easier.

    If you have the two fleets you want to highlight already defined, you will see two separate screens on the left side with two separate fleet managers, which will also let you know if a fleet has an admiral or not if there is an admiral portrait next to that fleet.

    To merge two fleets you will have to click on the merge button at the top left of a fleet and that's it.

    Although you can also press the "G" key on the keyboard as a shortcut if you are placing it on a PC. You could also drag and drop the ships of one of the fleets into the other, making the two fleets function as a single unit.

      We hope that our guide on how to merge fleets in Stellaris, has been as useful as possible and you achieve much more performance from your fleets now that you can merge them as a single unit.

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