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This time we are going to talk to you about Stellaris, and therefore it is convenient to explain to you how to be the crisis.

What is the crisis in Stellaris?

This is simply a threat of great magnitude in every sense of the word, and to achieve it it is necessary to master it to bear it, or simply to stay as far away from it as possible, because at the end of it all, surviving is our only option. Knowing how to be the crisis places us as a threat to the rest of the galaxy, and to achieve this we must have the Nemesis DLC and install it in the game.

How to be the crisis in Stellaris?

In order to become the crisis it is necessary:
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    • Have at least two ascension benefits.
    • All of this must be false
    • Has Xenophile Ethics
    • Has a fanatical xenophile ethic
    • Has a pacifist ethic
    • Has a fanatical pacifist ethic
    • Has Rogue Civic Server
    • We must have an empty ascension proficiency slot.

    Now, with these requirements in our favor, we can become the crisis, once we have done, so we are allowed access to a special research project that allows us to increase the level of crisis, for this it is necessary to consider:

    • Invest scientific resources in this project.
    • Choose to attack opposing empires using the Existential Expulsion Casus Belli to annihilate and subdue the forces at our service.
    • It is necessary or more feasible to choose the quality of ascension to become the crisis and from there choose to enter the war.
    • It is possible to visit the new crisis in order to increase the threat levels.
    • Choosing to damage and eliminate enemy ships, star bases, conquering worlds, retaining vassals, destroying enemy ships are part of the activities to be executed turned into the crisis.

    This is all we can tell you about How to be the crisis, so that this can be a matter of the or more favorable and that we can do in Stellaris.

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