Angel Marquez
2021-04-16 08:24:47

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Today we bring you a guide to Stellaris, where we will talk about how to use espionage.

What to know about Stellaris?

With the arrival of patch 3.0, we have to be presented with some new options in the game, in case our attitude is aggressive with a new civilization it will mean that we will receive the same treatment, which allows everything to be more complicated in the game. future, then to have a different environment it is appropriate to know how to use espionage for the appropriate situations, for this we have the content that follows, let's see it.

How to use spying on Stellaris?

It is necessary that we have some prior contact with our objective, which may be possible when discovering their starships, for this reason we are presented with how to use espionage a task that will lead us to make contact with the empire, only that it is required From an investigation of the company, what we will do is use an envoy to make contact with them, with which a series of situations will arise that will allow diplomatic relations with other companies, after contact is made, it is possible to establish the communication with these through the contacts tab that is on our screen, here is a list from which we choose the empire to contact, taking some information from them for us, we will also notice that there is a diplomacy tab and another of espionage at Stellaris, now we may be able to send some of our envoys to the empire.
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Enough time is necessary so that espionage can be established by our envoy, we will note the level that this has in the espionage page in relation to how to use espionage, while its level is increasing it is possible to access operations that They can be applied to this empire, although it should be noted the high degree of difficulty that it has in Stellaris, there are a series of operations that can be executed by our envoy while he has the appropriate level and these are the following:

  • At level 10 you can get information from the empire.
  • At level 30, you can prepare sleeper cells, thus leaving assets to be used in future situations, allowing you to do other tasks when you are away while preserving the spy level.
  • At level 30 it can be obtained active, which allows an increase in the chances of success in these operations.
  • With level 35 we can extort favors from the empire we are spying on.
  • With level 40 technology theft is possible, something that happens randomly as it is unknown to our empire, but it is known by the one we spy on.
  • With level 45 we can sabotage the star base, having access to the destruction of a module or building randomly that has been built by the empire that we spy.
  • With level 60 we have corsair weapons, which allows us to have influence on this hostile fleet in order to attack the space corresponding to the empire.

Finally, now that we know how to use spying, it is possible to progress with this very interesting feature in Stellaris.