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Knowing how to troubleshoot battery life is simply a necessary task to solve in Macbook Air, let's see.

Exactly what is Macbook Air?

 Before focusing on knowing how to solve battery life problems, it is good to tell you that Macbook Air specifically is an Apple product, even though it usually has a considerable amount of hours of battery life, it can present drawbacks and these are clearly related to the brightness that we usually give to the screen in case we want it to be well lit, or simply while we keep downloading, because whatever the case this makes its duration simply shorter.

 In this sense, knowing how to solve battery life problems can become somewhat alarming and this is usually an issue that can be related to a depletion that is usually outside the normal range, and this is usually occurring with some regularity specifically in the New Macbook Air that brings with it an Apple M1 Soc.

How to fix battery life issues in Macbook Air?

 Fortunately, there are several solutions that we can apply and for this it is favorable that you pay attention to these indications that we are going to detail:

 Stay away: When we usually buy a new product or equipment we generally use it quite strongly, as this is not something strange when acquiring the Macbook Air, in this sense it is possible that this failure could be related to what could be considered excessive use, for this It is necessary to move away a little and let the computer rest, as this means that it does not have an excessive use of battery, because with this simple trick we are allowed to know how to solve battery life problems, considering that according to good use that we give it, we will obtain more duration of the equipment, although it is true, there is a fantastic motivation to have a new device we must consider that it is ideal to give a rational use to the Macbook Air and in this way to enjoy it for much longer.

 Put the Macbook Air battery to the test: this is another interesting option that we get here and that we can apply in order to know how to solve battery life problems, for this it is necessary:

  •  Exhausting the battery of the computer which means that we must use it until it is very low.
  • Then we proceed to plug it into the power.
  • After a while when we see that it has been fully charged, we disconnect it.
  • We will start using it once more to check if the battery discharges or not the same as before and that's it.

 Restart our Macbook Air:
this is another solution that we can execute to solve this problem, for this it is necessary:

  •  Choose to click on the Apple menu button.
  • We click on "Restart".
  • Then we click on the Restart button in the pop-up menu ” this in order to confirm and that's it.

 Let the configuration finish: we continue in our task to know how to solve battery life problems and to avoid problems that usually drain the battery of the Macbook Air, it is appropriate to connect it to the power during the initial configuration process, as soon as this culminates unplugged and ready.
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    Run all updates: one of the things that are usually more viable to know how to solve battery life problems is the issue of updates and this usually applies to the Macbook Air, as some laptops tend to have various failures and for this it is necessary to consider:

    • Open the App Store from the Dock or Finder.
    • Then we click on "Updates" in the menu.
    • Then we click on "Update" next to the application to which we consider doing this action.

    We must consider that it is necessary to be attentive to the issue of the password of our Apple ID that usually applies perfectly well in relation to the Macbook, as this is an important enough matter about how to solve battery life problems, because for this necessary:

    • Go to the menu bar.
    • Proceed to search for updates in the application menu or in the help section and that's it.

     Checking the energy use of the applications:
    It is necessary to understand that this is not a remote issue, on the contrary knowing how to solve battery life problems leads us to seriously consider simple details, such as the issue of applications and the amount of battery that they can consume, in fact some of them do not even show how much they usually consume, which makes it a serious inconvenience for the Macbook Air, since it is only possible to visualize those that consume large amounts, but this is also in a certain way an issue that tends to be related to hardware and some multiplatform tools that may somehow be causing this failure.

     Consider using native applications: this is an important matter to consider knowing how to solve battery life problems and for this it is vital to choose to work with a browser that is more comfortable for our Macbook Air and the need to avoid wasting battery, for this It is essential to have the possibility of:

    •  Avoid using Chrome because although it is true it is usually popular, it consumes more RAM and therefore more energy, which leads us to continue with our Safari browser.
    • Choosing to make use of Lightroom, Adobe or Photoshop, since they are native applications that are well multiplatform can make the energy run out faster and for this it is an idea to opt for Acrorn or Pixelmator.

     Extend the life of the Macbook Air battery: Our best bet should always be to ensure that the battery of our equipment simply lasts a long time, for this it is ideal to opt for a rational consumption, in this sense, to know how to solve problems of duration of the battery leads us to consider that even when we are using our computer for a short time, it seems that this does not take much time and for this it is feasible to consider:

    •  Choose to lower the screen brightness.
    • Turn off the Wi-Fi if it is not required.
    • Make use of headphones in order to avoid the use of speakers.
    • Go to the energy saving section and activate "Automatic graphite change"
    • Choose to put the hard drive to sleep when we consider it necessary and proceed to use it when we want to access Wi-Fi.

     In this sense, knowing how to solve battery life problems allows us to try some of the options present here and thus enjoy Macbook Air.

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