Lidia Rozo
2021-03-12 09:24:33

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We are going to talk to you about Stellaris and this allows us to tell you how to build a habitat, let's see.

What is the purpose of building a habitat in Stellaris?

To have the possibility of getting a large structure, because here there is the opportunity to have three types of habitats, which can offer us 70 percent habitability for all of us who live in this galaxy, for this it is necessary to consider having a Utopia DLC, since it is only necessary to take charge of building it, for which it is favorable to carry out some visits to other planets.

How to build a habitat in Stellaris?

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This is a very interesting and favorable process, only that to be able to execute it is necessary to complete the investigation of the tree and in turn these come from the engineering technology tree, since it is vital to have the possibility of completing the engineering base, for this it is vital to visit some sector of the galaxy, in addition to having some necessary minerals, we must also understand that habitats simply tend to be vital later on, since there is the possibility of conquering an empire and therefore this implies that other citizens require a space to live Of course these can also circumvent with another functionality and is to stop the conquest of some other empire, the detail is that building them can become somewhat expensive.

 To build habitats it is necessary to consider:

  •  Orbital habitats we require 1500 alloys, 150 influence and this means that we need 4 days.
  • To expand the habitat to 1000 it is necessary to have 700 alloys and a duration of 6 days.
  • To build an advanced space habitat we must have 1500 alloys, and we require 8 days.

In this sense, knowing how to build a habitat allows us to create a settlement in Stellaris, try it.