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With this article we will cover everything you want to know about how to use the empire expansion in Stellaris.

What is empire expansion in Stellaris?

It is a great responsibility on your shoulders that increases with the increase of the expansions of your territory. During this expansion you will have to venture into the game trying to reduce your overall Sprawl to avoid being penalized.

How to use empire expansion in Stellaris?

First you must bear in mind that Sprawl increases by the following aspects:

  • 0.5 - per population
  • 1 - by district
  • 1 - per system
  • 2 - by owned branches
  • 5 - by colonization

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    It is also important to know the negative modifiers that you will have to face if you beat the Empire Sprawl:

    • Technology costs: 0.4 percent
    • Tradition costs: 0.6 percent
    • Campaign costs: 1 percent

    Sanctions can be implemented by the following authorities:

    • Hive Mind: -25 percent
    • Corporate: 50 percent
    • Machine intelligence: 100 percent

    For the Empire Expansion ability, you can use two bureaucratic jobs from the back office, allowing you to upgrade the expansion ability by 10 points each.

    Upgrades to your building will get you 10 of these jobs, but with the benefits of right ascension, traditions, research, civics, and genetics can keep your expansion in check.

    We hope that after reading this article on how to use empire expansion in Stellaris, you can get a lot out of it.

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