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2022-06-07 09:34:23

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Steam has some bugs and for this reason it is necessary to explain to you How to fix the controller does not work.

What is the controller not working in Steam?

  This is another of the failures that we get and that can become frustrating, so it is necessary to know How to fix the command does not work, this taking into account that it is an inconvenience that is related to the software and that for our good luck we will not only be able to solve it ourselves if it is not a fix that does not really turn out to be very complicated.

How to fix controller not working in Steam?

There are several actions that we can implement to solve this error and in this case it is necessary:
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Make sure you have paired the Steam controller with the device you want, in this case you can connect the wireless USB dongle to the device, turn off the controller and hold down A, then press the Steam button to select the device.

Another action to consider is to verify the Steam client and for this it is necessary to start the client where we must select Steam and look for its updates.

Choose to run the Steam client in Bug Picture Mode, taking into account that the driver is designed to be used with the interface and for this it is only necessary to click on the icon of the rectangle with two opposite arrows that is usually in the upper corner on the right side of the Steam client.


 Running Steam as Administrator is another of the actions to execute to know how to fix the command does not work and for this we must:


  •  Navigate to the Steam installation folder which defaults to C:\Program Files (x86) and right click on steam.exe
  • Next, we need to select Run as administrator, as well as make sure that Steam Overlay is set to Allow.
  • In large image mode it is necessary to select the Settings icon in the upper right section of the client and select the Steam Overlay in Features.
  • We enabled the marked Steam overlay.


 Opting in to the Steam Beta client feature allows you to receive updates and fixes before they become available through the Steam client by:


  •  Being in the large image mode where we will select the Settings icon in the upper section on the right side and select System menu.
  • We mark the Particular option in the beta version of the client and select Check for updates, if any, they are downloaded and installed automatically.


 This is all you need to know about How to fix controller not working, just apply one of these fixes in Steam.

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