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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-22 14:47:08

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Few users know how to find the lethal poison in Dubai of Hitman 3 3, so today we prepared this guide where we will help you find it.

What is the lethal poison of Hitman 3 for?

It is an element that you will need to complete certain additional objectives in the On Top Of The World mission in Dubai.

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How to find the lethal poison in Dubai from Hitman 3?

The poison is found on top of the world, where the emetic rat poison is found. There are two guarded entrances, but you can enter with relative ease at the right time.

Upon entering, you will have to get rid of a chief of staff to put on his uniform. Go up to level 1 and go to the garden on the east side of the floor. You will find a man dressed in a black suit and a bright green shirt, nearby there is a device on the wall, some speakers, with which you will have to interact to attract the man to your location while hiding in the bushes.

When he tries to turn off the machine you will have to finish getting hold of the poison he has and hide his body.

  Just as you now know how to find the lethal poison in Dubai of Hitman 3 3, fast and relatively easy. So now that you know, you can surely get a lot out of the poison now that the game has just been released.

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