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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-09 15:49:36

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Our guide today on Spotify lets us tell you how to sync with YouTube Music.

Why sync with YouTube Music Spotify?

The greatest of the advantages with which we can get ourselves is simply to enjoy the music for free, since the best option is to create a playlist that allows us to enjoy exactly the music that we consider feasible or attractive for our tastes, as there are some occasions when it is not possible to synchronize all the favorite music in such a way that it is there where it is necessary to know how to synchronize with YouTube Music since Spotify is a music transmission application with which many of us are already familiar today and the idea is to get the best enjoyment as possible.

How to sync with YouTube Music in Spotify?

This is a complex process but at the end of everything favorable, because it is necessary:
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  • Download the IFTTT application from a trusted site.
  • Click on explore and proceed to select YouTube in the applications that are presented to us.
  • Then it is necessary to add songs from the videos that we like so that they can be included in the Spotify playlist.
  • Proceed to Connect.
  • Proceed to give IFTTT authorization in order to access the Google account that is connected to YouTube.
  • Next we will place the credentials and proceed to press Allow.
  • Then it is necessary to give authorization in order to access Spotify to choose to move the playlist.

With this we achieve that the synchronization can occur in a perfect way and with it get an interesting playlist with our best songs, of course this process may take a while but the wait is worth it, because this process is manual.

It is necessary to constantly consider the synchronization process to ensure that the YouTube songs can be kept and in the same way the Spotify list in such a way that it will only be necessary to launch the IFTTT, touch on the settings that are marked by the icon of wheel to proceed to press Check Now.

Now that you know how to synchronize with YouTube Music, it is time to do it and thus get a list of fantastic songs and those of our liking to play with Spotify.

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