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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-24 14:55:19

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Our guide today on Spotify takes us to explain how to delete all songs, let's see.

What is the goal of removing all songs in Spotify?

Sometimes it is possible that we are tired of the same songs and well a moment of change, in this sense it is necessary to know how to remove all the songs from a playlist, because there are some occasions when we make a mess and we do not know exactly why Where to start, this is good because there is hardly a human being on the planet who does not like to listen to music constantly, it relieves tensions, relaxes or simply makes us for fantastic moments.
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How to delete all songs in Spotify?

 Doing it manually can be cumbersome, because some users manage to accumulate a considerable amount of songs and this causes us to spend too much time, as there is no longer the shortcut before that is formed by Ctrl A here we leave you what you need to achieve it.


  •  We must open the Spotify application.
  • Tap on Library.
  • This redirects us to the playlist collection we have created.
  • We must click on the playlist that we consider deleting.
  • When this list is open, it is necessary to touch the button with the 3 points.
  • Select in the menu "Delete playlist" and that's it.


 In the case of being a desktop user, it is necessary to follow these steps:


  •  Open the Spotify desktop application.
  • Locate the "Playlists" tab in the control panel on the left side of the home screen.
  • We right-click on the playlist we are considering deleting.
  • We select Delete and that's it.


 The tracks of the songs that we like can be eliminated if we consider it necessary for this:


  •  Go to library
  • Open the playlist of favorite songs.
  • Press the heart icon to depreciate the song, and it will obviously be deleted automatically.
  • We are presented with a pop-up window where we are asked to confirm the delete action.
  • To finish touch delete and that's it.


Now that you know how to delete all the songs, it's time for you to access Spotify and delete the music that you don't consider listening to anymore.

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