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In this opportunity we bring a guide of Spotify where we will explain how to fix the error code 1003

What is Spotify?

This is nothing more than a streaming music platform. changes when we get that it has faults, giving way to the need to know how to fix the error code 1003 below.

What is error 1003 in Spotify?

This error simply occurs when we go to access our Spotify account, only it presents two different variations because it is not the same message when we access through the PC when trying to access through a mobile device.
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    • On the pc it shows us this message. “You don't have a Spotify account connected to your Facebook account. If you have a Spotify account, log in with your Spotify credentials. If you don't have a Spotify account you can register here. (Error code: 1003) "

    • Meanwhile on mobile devices he tells us: «Are you enjoying your trip? If you want to listen to your music abroad for more than 14 days, tell us where you are on »

    What causes error 1030 in Spotify?

    Before knowing how to fix the error code 1003, it is necessary to go silver, exactly what causes it, because it does not come out alone, and is specifically due to:

    • The possibility that your account is not associated with your Facebook profile.
    • The geographical location where it is located as it is not available everywhere.

    How to fix error code 1003 in Spotify?

    Most users will be able to fix it quickly just by connecting the Facebook account with Spotify, since they often do not usually use the account to access the platform and this causes these problems, because the system does not have a connection between both accounts, but In case we do not have a Facebook account, easily connect it is time to go to the mail and look for any message that is directly related to Spotify about the day you registered the first time, this should be enough to be able to access the platform once.

    Really, are you using the correct account to access Spotify?

    Another favorable point in our search to know how to fix the error code 1003 is the need to verify what we are really trying to enter with the correct account, because this problem usually occurs when we usually have more than one Facebook account and this could cause some confusion. , so try to separate things and remember exactly the account with which you accessed from the beginning on the music platform.

    Is it possible to access Spotify from anywhere in the world?

    One of the reasons why it is possible to have problems is related to the geographical position, since simply frequently to crash and only configuration, so updating the data is vital before accessing the platform, otherwise we will find with a message that will say: “? are you enjoying the trip? ”

    The VPN connection is simply not an option, because when we are in other countries it is necessary to deactivate it to enter the music platform, because knowing how to fix the error code 1003 simply leads us to find all the necessary options to enjoy music in Streaming.

    This is all we should know about How to fix error code 1003 and thus be able to comfortably access Spotify, try it.

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