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Minecraft: How to Craft a Lodestone

2020-05-07 08:49:52

Find out how to Craft a Lodestone in this excellent and explanatory Minecraft guide.

 In Minecraft in version 1.16, which is called Nether Update, we are going to find that new blocks have been added, where the stone blocks appear, to get them it is necessary to enter Nether and have mined some new blocks, also obtaining a Netherite ingot, to have more details that will lead us to the understanding of how to Craft a Lodestone, we only have to focus on the content of this guide and what comes next.

What to know about the Lodestone in Minecraft?

Once we get to Nether we will be able to realize that manipulating a compass will be totally useless, without being able to fix any specific place, without a sense of orientation, the Lodestone is capable of changing this situation, since the compass will be Attracted to this stone forcing the compass to point in this direction of its location, being in Nether is something very useful, in this guide we will see many more details that have to be considered, let's pay close attention.

How to Craft a Lodestone in Minecraft?

The first thing we have to do is make a compass, since without this it is impossible that we can use the Lodestone, to make a compass we are only going to put a piece of a Redstone in the central slot, then we will place 4 ingots here iron to surround the stone, it is important that we use these materials in Overword, because in Nether it is not possible to carry out this manufacture because the materials are not found here.

It is necessary first of all that we have 8 carved stone bricks, with the stone brick slabs we are going to be able to build them, putting 2 each on the work table, which will lead us to a single stone brick that is chiseled, it is Necessary, in addition, a Netherite ingot, this we are going to extract from the ancient debris that is here in Nether, we will melt them in Netherine scrap and combine them 4 scraps with 4 gold ingots on the work table, which makes us have a Netherite ingot, when we get all the ingredients, the next step is to combine them all on a craft table, in this way we get a Lodestone, we put it in our game world so that we can give direction to our compass.

Once we place the Lodestone, we only have to perform an interaction by having the compass, this with the right mouse button on our PC, the compass will direct us to the Lodestone, what we achieve with this is the location from our base more easily when we meet in Nether.

 Now in this way you already know how to Craft a Lodestone, just follow these steps and apply them so you can see success in Minecraft.

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