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2020-08-24 10:46:06

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Bosses are simply a fundamental part of Remnant From the Ashes so we will talk about How to beat Obryk the Shield Warden

Who is Obryk the Shield Warden in Remnant From the Ashes?

  To know how to beat Obryk the Shield Warden, it is first necessary to be clear that this is a boss who has a formidable armor with him that usually protects him, which makes it a bit complex when we shoot him, he has two barbed shields. that I could make him end up being a tedious boss although with some tactics we managed to make him be defeated quickly.
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How to beat Obryk the Shield Warden in Remnant From the Ashes?

 This is an enemy for which it is necessary to execute some quick attacks, and this is because it usually sounds like running and jumping on us, it is necessary to move constantly until we get to the second jump which makes it vulnerable and it is our moment After giving him some blows, then it is necessary to dodge his next attack since this boss will sink his shield into the snow and throw it in order to create an ideal fog so as not to be seen in his next attack, only this allows us to dodge and hit him some hits, only this does not stop here because it is a constant that this boss maintains throughout the fight.

We realize that he has half health when we observe that he has a purple aura and his eyes have a red glow, which turns out to be more complex because at this time his attacks can be more lethal, to To such a point that it is possible that it can freeze us and this makes things more difficult, but not impossible since only by using the Spiceroot effect we can get rid of this freezing, which can make it a simple battle, since the basic thing is to dodge and keep your distance, it is a boss open to several blows what there is is to take advantage of the spaces and make use of the weapons, a rifle and a submachine gun can be very useful, although due to its armor it is necessary when it is at half health to use the Hot Shot Mod.

 This is everything you need to know about How to beat Obryk the Shield Warden an interesting and complex boss that we got in Remnant From the Ashes

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