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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-25 14:30:57

Serious Sam 4 is here and with the activities to do, so today we tell you how to get more S.A.M. Points

What are the S.A.M. Points in Serious Sam 4?

  These serve to unlock skills and talents, because even when there is no particular leveling system it is possible to get some amount of skill points, as they serve as very interesting advantages within the levels in which we are interested in growing in terms of power.

How to get more S.A.M. Points in Serious Sam 4 4?

 In the first instance, it is necessary to make it clear that skill points are usually a type of physical object, which is necessary to hunt, since they are alien orbs that we can crush with Sam and then proceed to inhale them so that it takes us to the SAM menu and proceed to assign a skill point, it is possible to find them in brown military boxes that are hidden in the levels of the game, it is important to have a certain rhythm of difficulty which allows us to increase it as this game progresses, due to This allows us to achieve a better level of skills, only that this implies getting everywhere, except for chapter 9 since there are none to look for here, which indicates that there is no need to waste time on these sides.

 It is important to consider that this task is not highly recommended to be done individually, since we will not have to share absolutely anything of what we earn, and our points will be solely for us, but weapons and accessories from previous levels may not be able to stay, at this time our priority is another, besides that it is necessary to locate them with priority, these are a total of 4 orbs that deserve the effort, because it is important to know that the points will be separated from our saved which can become complex.

 Now that you know how to get more S.A.M. Points it is time to take this journey and understand that they are a priority to be able to get necessary skills in Serious Sam 4.

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