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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-25 14:24:49

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Guide to learn where is the Delfino airstrip in Super Mario Sunshine

  Nintendo Switch brings nostalgia by bringing us the ability to replay Super Mario Sunshine and the other two platform games for the first time. If you are having trouble figuring out how to get to the Delfino airstrip in Super Mario Sunshine, here is your answer.
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Where is Delfino's airstrip in Super Mario Sunshine?

Delfino's airstrip is the first section you will see when you start the game. Mario and the gang land thanks to Princess Peach's private jet. Our favorite plumber will find FLUDD and you'll get your first star, but it's not very easy to get back to this airstrip once you hit the mainland.

If you want to return to that place because there is only one landing of Delfino it is chasing Shadow Mario in all the worlds, which always takes place in the seventh episode. Once you finally complete this task, Delfino Plaza will flood with water, prompting you to go to the Corona Mountain area.

The water levels will return to normal once Corona Mountain is over and then you just have to head to a Pianta that is close to Ricco Harbor and the Blue Coin store.

If you pay him 10 gold coins, he will take you back to Delfino's airstrip in his own boat. You should be able to find them scattered around the area if you don't have enough. Once you hit the strip, you will have a chance to complete some challenges to get even more Shine Sprites.

 Now that you know where the Delfino airstrip is in Super Mario Sunshine, you can return to that place to travel to other places or investigate, as you wish. Luck!

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