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We welcome you to our Fortnite guide where we will talk about How to heal Wolverine.

What to know about Wolverine in Fortnite?

In season 4 of this game we will have the presence of many of the Marvel characters, among them we will have Wolverine, whom we will face as a boss to complete some of the challenges, we have certainly already faced others of the same class, so It is not something new at this point for us, we will be before an animal that its actions are very different, but our focus is on knowing how to cure Wolverine, we only have to see the content that this guide offers us, let's do it.

How to heal Wolverine in Fortnite?

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    First, it is necessary that we understand where to find it, for this we have that the weeping forest is its location, but in reality it is not very precise, since its appearance is random, it means that we must precisely explore the entire area, but It is good to hope that the first one does not find us and in a bad location that could compromise us, once we have located it we are going to be attacked by it, we must highlight the fact that for this moment the amount of health it has is not exact Wolverine, but the calculations indicate that it can be between 1000 health and shield, but many have expressed that among the 600, it is important to emphasize that it has the regeneration capacity, it is important that if we want to defeat it we avoid close contact, without Regardless of whether we are a giant, the lethality of this is melee combat, so we must be vigilant.

    Knowing how to heal Wolverine is interesting as it allows us to progress while having fun in Fortnite.

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