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Stardew Valley just keeps us busy and that's why we're going to tell you how to get Void chickens

What are Void chickens in Stardew Valley?

This game has a considerable amount of activities to take advantage of, in this sense it is necessary to bear in mind that knowing how to get Void chickens simply presents us with the possibility of making zero mayonnaise, since there are 5 types of chickens that we find and specifically Void chickens are one of them, which have made their appearance as of update 1.5.

How to get empty chickens in Stardew Valley?

 This is an interesting and necessary task to execute here, for it is vital to prepare ourselves, in this sense this leads us to consider:

 Get the chicken coop and choose to incorporate improvements: Stardew Valley has a variety of chickens that can be accessed, however, today's task is quite peculiar, because it leads us to know how to get Void chickens, for which it is vital to choose to get a chicken coop where we can apply some improvements and for this it is necessary:
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    • Build a chicken coop in 3 days.
    • For this construction job it is feasible to use the carpenter Robin.
    • It is necessary to have some resources for Robin to build the chicken coop and they are 4,000 gold, 100, stone and 300 wood.
    • Get an incubator for a null chicken.
    • Choosing to expand the henhouse makes us have to give the carpenter 10,000 gold, 150 stone and 400 wood in order to make the necessary improvements.


     Get a witch's egg: we continue in the task of knowing how to get Void chickens, and as soon as we have the chicken coop already built and expanded, the need arises:


    •  Buy chickens to get null eggs.
    • At night the witch will fly over the henhouse in order to leave an empty egg.
    • The chances of this witch being able to appear in the Stardew Valley event may turn out to be a bit low, reaching 1 percent.
    • Counting on the fact that the witch visits the farm does not give us a 100 percent chance that she may lay an egg.


     Take care of obtaining an empty Krobus egg: this journey to get Void chickens makes it necessary to visit Krobus, the detail is that it usually lives in the sewers, although it is true this is the most favorable option, we must recognize that it does not exist Any possibility of accessing these places when we are just starting Stardew Valley, however, there are ways to achieve it and for this it will only be enough to make a donation of at least 60 objects among which it is possible to highlight the gems, some artifacts that we can well get them when we do some excavation work around town. Now, as soon as we have managed to donate these artifacts to the museum in a somewhat strange way, the next day Gunther will appear with the "Rusty Key" with which it is possible to access the sewers.

    Krobus is usually a seller and the price of the empty eggs has a value of 5,000 gold, to get to Krobus it is necessary to access through the entrance of the sewer that is in the forest and proceed to make the respective purchase, once this It has been time to go to the henhouse in order to place this egg in the incubator, it is necessary to have some patience because hatching will last 6 days.

    Another way to obtain these empty eggs in Stardew Valley is with null salmon that can be obtained in a fish pond, however, obtaining this salmon makes us have to have had access to Krobus, which does not make a major difference.

    Note: there is the possibility that eggs can hatch in 3 days only that for this it is necessary to have the profession of agricultural cooperative master level 10, and then choose the profession of farmer level 5 of agriculture.

    What is the use of Void chickens in Stardew Valley?

    Each element in this game has some kind of functionality, and although it is true that Void chickens may not be as useful as the others, they also have their own way of being productive, because with empty eggs it is possible to make empty mayonnaise that is usually Krobus likes it, on the other hand, Sebastian usually likes empty eggs, we must also bear in mind that empty eggs can be substituted for normal eggs and choose to cook them.

     Now that you know how to get Void chickens it is time to carry out this search and in this way take advantage of them in Stardew Valley.

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