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Welcome to our PS5 guide, in which we will talk about How to connect PS5 to hotspot.

What to know about PS5 to an access point?

This is something that may be necessary considering some problematic situations with our internet, having lag, stuttering and more, being affected the download even, but there may be times when the console does not get to connect to the access point, in case of going through this it is very timely to have details regarding How to connect PS5 to hotspot and these are as follows, let's see.

How to connect PS5 to hotspot?

Using the data plan of our mobile we can create the access point, the following is to solve How to connect PS5 to hotspot and access the internet, this can be through 4G or 5G networks, as long as we have enough data in our mobile we can use it properly, for the linking we have to do the following: 
  • We go to the configuration of our mobile to activate the mobile hotspot.We have to set a name and password for it, by default it usually brings some factory data with random key, we can change them if we want.
  • We will go to the console through the connectivity configuration and when we see the name of our mobile wifi we will choose it.
  • We connect the console with the access point by entering the password.

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    Now as for How to connect PS5 to hotspot may fail, in such a case there are some actions to consider, this happens because it is not the best possible connection, the use of a wired connection is the best stability than a wireless signal, having to make the wireless connection requires a pair of connections to connect the console, this being one for the phone and the console, while the other is for the mobile and the cellular network, thus achieving an increase in drops, there are things to do in terms of How to connect PS5 to an access point when going through this situation.

    It is important to consider in terms of How to connect PS5 to hotspot some options that will help us to improve the connection and these are the following:
    • Restarting the console and reconnecting to the access point.
    • Change the position of the device to a different location to have a better signal.
    • Switch the mobile to airplane mode, turn it off and this will update the network.
    • Avoid signal blockages that may exist between the console and the mobile, maintaining a clear line of sight between the two.
    • Bring both devices closer to each other.
    • Execute speed tests in our mobile to know that the connection is adequate.
    • It is an option to connect another device to the access point for yes, the problem is between the connection of the PS5 or the access point.
    It is possible knowing How to connect PS5 to hotspot to use it to play, only that the stability is not the same compared to an internet connection via cable or wifi, this will depend on the intensity of the signal and speed that we have in that connection, in case of not having more options at least we can use it to see how it goes.

    We can conclude that knowing how to connect PS5 to hotspot is interesting, because it allows us to have a connection available for different actions in our console.

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