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With our guide you will learn more about How to accept Rocket League license agreement.

What to know about Rocket League license agreement?

It is a document that we must accept to be able to play the game online, these are frequent in the present, in this are the terms and conditions that we must accept, it tells us about the ownership of the content, the use that can be given to it, the legal rights and waivers, in case we refuse to accept it we will not be able to access the game, we will receive a message about it, and we will not play online until we accept it, seeking to know how to accept license agreement of Rocket League let's see what the following details offer us.

How to accept Rocket League license agreement?

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What we will do is start the game to go to the configuration of the main menu, in the extras tab we will choose legal agreements, we go to EULA to accept, we choose the terms of service and accept, we go through the privacy policies to accept it too, with this in terms of How to accept Rocket League license agreement we will have you covered and can play online without problems.

In some cases we have that despite knowing how to accept Rocket League license agreement we can skip said agreement or ignore it, the same thing happens that if we do not accept it, we will not have access to play online, but in case of losing it we can search for it to accept it, we will go to the main menu of the game, we go to extras to choose legal agreements, we go through EULA to find the terms of service or privacy agreements, we will give OK so that each agreement is accepted.

In conclusion, knowing how to accept Rocket League license agreement is interesting because being able to access the game online depends on it.

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