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PS5: How to gift a game

2020-11-20 07:18:31

This time we return with a guide to PS5, with the objective of explaining how to give a game as a gift.

What to know about PS5?

There are some questions with the arrival of this next-generation console, among which is the possibility of making an online purchase of a game and giving it to a friend for example, certainly already on Steam and Xbox it is possible to do so, This happens when making the payment and the download is sent to a friend to be played, in the PS54 this function was never seen and therefore we want to know how to give a game in the current console, let's see the following content to see what we find.

How to gift a game in PS5?

At the moment this option is not yet possible on this console, not even with the digital version of it, Sony still does not present the possibility of doing it and nothing has been said if it were to exist in the future, gift cards do not are nowadays allowed by Sony, something that becomes great difficulty, this since April 2019, however there is a method that can be useful indirectly, you buy a PS5N coin gift card in any of the stores having so the receiver should put that coin in his PS5N account and it will be used in the game he wants, the card must indicate the amount of purchase, it means a PlayStation Store gift card and not a plus membership, but it should be noted that in Most of the games have a cost of $ 69.99, then having to get one of the highest cost codes or add several cards.

 We can conclude that knowing how to give a game is not really possible, but if we apply the method presented here it is possible to do it indirectly, let's enjoy what we have at least in the PS5.

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