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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-20 14:23:20

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If you came to this article it is because you are wondering how to optimize disk space in PS5 and we already have everything covered.

What is the disk problem in PS5.

The problem with Sony's new console is that the new machine is distinguished by having 825GB SSD storage, which is clearly insufficient. Therefore, it will be very valuable to know how to optimize disk space, especially considering that now in the new console, it will not be possible to use external storage for games, which in this article we are going to teach you.

How to optimize disk space in PS5.

Below we have selected all the ways you can optimize the disc on your new console and we have described them so that you know how to use them.
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How to optimize disk space in PS5 - Priority of games.

Considering that PS5 games cannot be stored, we recommend using an external hard drive if you want to play PS54 games on your PS5, unless you want to take advantage of the changes in load times. The hard drive will allow you to copy PS54 applications from one side to the other without any problem.

How to optimize disk space in PS5 - Backups to the cloud or USB key.

This is the way to optimize the space to the nearest GB, as long as you have made a recent backup. This can be done in the cloud if you belong to PS5 Plus or with a USB key> later you will have to delete the ones you no longer need from the hard drive.

How to optimize disk space in PS5 - Plus.

  • Among the additional tips to optimize your hard drive we have the following:
  • Clean up video captures, either by deleting them completely or by transferring them to a USB key.
  • You could also disable the feature that automatically records a video for each trophy unlocked, as this will fill your memory as you earn trophies.
  • Another thing you can do is disable automatic downloads and automatic updates.
  • The key to good hard drive performance is keeping at least 100GB of free space.

  Thus ends this guide on how to optimize disk space in PS5, we hope that it has been as useful as possible and that you can optimize the performance of your hard disk to the maximum whenever necessary.

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