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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-20 14:27:45

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Guide to learn how to add a new PSN user account in PS5

  Someone in your household may want to open another PS5N user account, this to avoid sharing all the information you have in the main account with which you started in the console. If you want to share a PS5 with someone, this turns out to be the best option. Many users are choosing to learn how to add a new PS5N user account which keeps your information private from other players in your area, and in this guide we will give you the details to configure it.
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How to add a new PSN user account in PS5?

If you want to configure it, you must first go to the PlayStation menu on your console, by holding down the PS5 symbol on your controller and choosing the "switch user" option. From there you want to select "add a new user" and then "get started".

However, if you are launching the PS5 console when it is off, you can do so from the home screen when choosing which user you want to be. Instead of using the default option, go to the "add user" option and then go to the home icon. Both methods get you there.

After accepting the option to get started, a long text form will appear detailing the PlayStation license agreement. After reading and scrolling, you can accept.

You can choose to create a new account or log in with your pre-existing PlayStation Network information. For those using pre-existing accounts enter your PlayStation Network username and password to access your account and bring it to PS5. You may also need to verify the two-factor authentication codes that you have set up to make sure the owner is the one accessing the account.

On the other hand, if you are just starting a new account on PlayStation you will need to provide your first and last name, date of birth, country and email address. There will be a message sent to your email to verify the information. You will also need to create a new user ID and give your account a password. Once all of that has been confirmed, the account will have been created.

After logging in with your account or creating it, you should get to the console menu, that's where you can download any game linked to your account or start a new one. You can also add funds to your account or billing information to purchase any new digital games you want to play for those who created a new account.

 Now that you know how to add a new PSN user account in PS5 you will be able to keep your information apart without it being mixed with that of other colleagues and keep everything as you have it configured. Luck!

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