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Today we bring you a PS5 guide, in which we will guide you on how to repair the disk is not accepted, let's see.

What to know about the disk is not accepted in PS5?

It is an error that refuses to read the disc or that it gets stuck in the console, being the cause of this that there is a disc in it or that it is dirty, it may be damaged and that is why it is not read, even the firmware or the eject button may be worn, you have to take into account some solutions on How to repair the disk is not accepted and in this guide they will be presented below.
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    How to fix disk is not accepted in PS5?

    There are on How to repair the disk is not accepted some solutions to consider to be applied in our PS5 and these are the following:


    •  The first: it is necessary that we check if this occurs when inserting the disc, then manually we press the eject button of our PS5 or through our command we press the options button to use the option to eject from here, it is important that the disc is not scratched or stained, so cleaning it may be an option, for this we use a clean and soft microfiber cloth, then we put the disc back into the console to see if this fault has been resolved.
    • The second: the use of safe mode is among the answers to How to repair the disk is not accepted for this we turn off the console with the button on the front panel and keep it pressed until we hear a second beep, which will allow the console to restart it in safe mode, we connect the controller and pair it with the PS5, then with a safe loop we see if the problem has been solved.
    • The third: one of the errors may be in the way of inserting the disc, which therefore our PS5 does not accept it, so for this we connect the power cable of the console and insert the disc slowly by pushing it, while it is horizontal or it will not be able to read the disc, it is important that it is compatible with the console because the games of PS53 or older will not read them.
    • The fourth: we have as one of the options on How to repair the disk, it is not accepted to restart the console, which will completely eliminate the data and other content that we have, but first it is possible to make a backup copy and For this we go to the settings, data saved in game and application settings, once we choose it we go to the choice of the data to be backed up and we will give next, here the backup will begin, with this we can proceed to the restart of our console, through adjustment we go to systems and we choose system software the reset options to do it finally, the last thing is a restart of the console going to the configurations.

     Finally, now that we know how to repair the disk is not accepted we have the possibility of returning to the correct operation of our PS5.

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