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Find out how to fix error code 517 in this excellent and self-explanatory guide from Roblox.

What to know about error code 517 in Roblox?

This is a failure that occurs when we try to join a game that is going to close instantly, it can also occur when trying to enter the same server from which we separated, there are some additional reasons why this error occurs, Among this, the internet is wrong, the installation of the game was incomplete and many more, now to understand How to fix the error code 517 there are necessary details to consider and in this guide they will be presented from here on, let's see.

Why does error code 517 occur in Roblox?

Before going to the solutions regarding How to repair the error code 517 it is important that the reasons why it occurs are considered in detail, for this we highlight in general lines that when we join Roblox we lose the connection, this may be due to the next:

  • The server: this can be the cause of multiple problems, among which is this error, which occurs in the middle of the game, the disconnection or without results to want to enter a game.
  • Corrupt files: when we have carried out a system update it may happen that some game files are corrupted, so to solve How to fix error code 517 we have to modify these files with the help of third-party applications.
  • Bugs: these are nowhere to be found, so if we have not made changes to the system of our PC, adding, installing programs or updating it means that this failure is something random.

How to fix error code 517 in Roblox?

With the help of a series of solutions we can answer on How to fix error code 517, for this we have to apply the following in Roblox:
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    • First: in order to return to normality it is necessary that we restart the browser, eliminate cache and cookies, which may be necessary to see How to repair the error code 517 and for this we have to close the Roblox account, go to the settings of Google Chrome to access the options and choose advance, below we have to locate the option to reset and clean, by clicking here we can restore the original default values, after completing the process we will do a restart of the browser and verify that the changes we make have been effective.
    • Second: one of the causes of this error can be our internet connection, then it is necessary that we do a check of our Wi-Fi and internet connection to solve How to fix the error code 517, then for this we will do a speed test, In case of being very low we have to correct it, it is ideal that we refresh our internet with a router reset, you can also consider changing to Wi-Fi to try it, we certainly want to play Roblox, so it is important to try it in this process.
    • Third: one of the possible solutions for Roblox is that we restart our internet, for this we work with the router, turn it off and remove it from the power, waiting at least 30 seconds to reconnect it, once it starts up properly. normal we are going to have the connection reestablished in terms of How to repair the error code 517 what we will do is see if it is resolved when playing.
    • Fourth: one of the solutions is that we do a server verification, for this we will go to the official page of the game which is
    • Fifth: there is a possibility that this error that occurs for Roblox is not because of it, for this we can check it by logging in with another person and even playing with a different device, we can do it on an Xbox when we see the error on a laptop or if we are on a PC we can change the browser while it is related to a server.
    • Sixth: in case we are on a mobile device and we seek to solve How to fix error code 517, what we will do is an update of the game and considering that the mobile must be with very high specifications to avoid errors, in case of A solution we can enter the App to see its details, we go to the storage and cache to eliminate both, we can also choose to create another ID, change the server, deactivate the VPN from our mobile, do a reset of the settings of the game and delete the storage data and the corresponding cache.
    • Seventh: it is important that we check if there is any inconvenience with our Roblox account, for this we will log in on another device, if this error occurs it is possible that our account is blocked, for this we confirm it by contacting the developer.
    • Eighth: it is possible that the problem is in the game files, so solving How to fix error code 517 may require reinstallation due to the lack of some files, then we are going to uninstall it and delete the temporary files and then install it again , in case of being with Windows 10, Xbox and mobiles we can press on window I to access the configuration, we look for the applications and game features, we press on it to uninstall, after the process is completed we go to the store Windows 10.

    Finally, now that we know how to fix error code 517 we can go back to having fun playing Roblox again.

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