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With our PS5 guide you will learn more about How to fix black screen.

What to know about the black screen in PS5?

When we connect our console to the television, it may appear that there is no signal detected, which translates into a black screen, this means that there may be a problem with our cables or HDMI ports, even that our television is not compatible, then to understand How to fix the black screen we will be able to rely on the content that this guide will offer us next, let's do it carefully.

How to fix black screen on PS5?

To get to solve How to fix the black screen in PS5 we will consider the following solutions:

  • First: it is required to check the HDMI cables because this can be one of the causes and there may also be a defective port, so it is important that our HDMI cables are 2.0, and then we will make a disconnection of all the cables behind our TV and the console, what we will do later is to reverse the connection of these cables, then if there is no solution we can remove the power to our television and wait at least a minute to plug it in again.

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    • Second: the video output may be wrong, then it may be necessary to change it, which will take us to our console, what we will do is turn it off with the button on the front panel, we hold down the power button until a second is heard beep to start in safe mode, after being here we have to connect the remote control by USB and press PS5 for it to pair, then we will make the choice of the video output change and the resolution to change, we click ok to see Let the console do a reboot, we save the change we made and if we do not see a solution we can change the HDCP mode to only HDCP 1.4.
    • Third: the most effective possible solution may be to restart our console, which we will do by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds so that it turns off completely, then we will remove the power behind the console and keep pressed the power button until there is no power, this is what it does is clear the cache, the next thing is to connect the console with power, waiting a few seconds to turn it on and see if the error is still there.
    • Fourth: in case none of the solutions presented works for us, what we will do is contact technical support, it is certainly the best option to consider after going through so many tests, for this then we will go to the official website or to the Sony service center if we have it nearby to find a more secure solution.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix the black screen has been useful to return to the fun on your PS5 console.

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