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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-26 15:34:23

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Guide to learn how to restore health and PP in Pokemon The Crown Tundra

 We recently noticed that Pokemon The Crown Tundra was inspired by the Isle of Armor update and ran with it and now the Pokémon Crown Tundra expansion has implemented the same as Pokémon Sword and Shield where they launched standard cities and roads that did not allow you to move the camera with the right analog stick, but it also introduced the Wild Area, which was the series' first attempt at an open-world setup.

Another change that has come specifically with the DLC has been the elimination of the Pokémon Centers so we will focus on teaching you How to restore health and PP in The Crow Tundra to avoid confusion.

How to restore health and PP in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

The normal Pokémon cities are gone in the expansions, except for the smaller ones like Freezington in The Crown Tundra, so the Pokémon Centers are not found. So getting a way to heal became a priority, but don't worry, it's not like we would have been left without options.
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You should know that you can always use items to heal, such as potions, revives and more. You can even buy them from The Crown Tundra after fast-forwarding the story a bit and a vendor will appear in the middle of Freezington.

Anyway, you will surely wonder about the complete healing of your Pokémon since these were made in the Pokemon centers. Well this is available from the beginning, although you may not find it until you have entered the story a bit.

To find it, you need to head to Freezington, which is just down the slope from the train station and Max Lair. Once here, you need to go to the second house on the right that has a sign and flag out front.

If you made it to the aforementioned building head right and you will see a door leading to the bedroom. Interact with it and one of the options that you will be given is "Restore my Pokémon". Select this and your party will heal immediately and have full HP and PP.

 Now that you know how to restore health and PP in Pokemon The Crown Tundra you will be able to keep your Pokemon in optimal condition to continue the adventure in top form. Luck!

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