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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-26 15:25:38

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Genshin Impact has come to have a lot of fun and this allows us to tell you about the Local Specialties

What are local specialties in Genshin Impact?

These are nothing more than necessary articles and materials that are clearly related to a special region, as this is because the characters here are usually connected to their respective regions in such a way that it is vital to know the local specialties, especially because here we get two specific areas.

Genshin Impact is an open world so obtaining these materials is simply necessary, especially since they are elements that are usually used regularly, which in one way or another allows us to focus on knowing the local specialties and determining which one is adapted to these character ascents, in such a way that this allows us to have the possibility of reaching a higher level, both in Mondstdt and Liyue, since for now there are only these two regions.

It is necessary to make clear in this local specialties that they have a sufficiently limited reproduction in Genshin Impact and it is that they usually reproduce every two days after having managed to loot, above all this they have a certain incidence that they are scattered in the open world and throughout Hence this has a bit more complexity.
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What is the Monsdtadt Local Specialties in Genshin Impact?

Our first task to embark on this search begins in Mondstadt and this is due to the amount of articles that exist in this region that tend to be somewhat favorable in terms of cuisine, crafts and ascension of the characters, so to be able to complete this local specialties here it is vital to get some considerable amount of articles that we will detail below.


  •  Cecilia: this is a beautiful enough flower that we can get in Liyue specifically in the Starnatch cliff, of course it is obtained here but we can choose to buy it in Monsdatd for Floral Whisper, it is found on the cliff and this is because it particularly usually grows where there are winds strong, it is also a vital element in Venti's ascension. "
  • Calla lily: This is a flower that can be seen in Springvale around the lakes, it can also be sold in Whisper, Mondstadt, it is a necessary element to ascend to Kaeya, it is usually used for the seafood soup recipe, this flower is usually have a thick enough texture and in the same way when cooked it is usually somewhat sweet but with certain bitterness, being a somewhat rare combination but feasible in Genshin Impact. "
  • Valberry: This is a type of berry that is found scattered throughout the Stormbearer Mountains and is vital to get promoted to Lista and Noelle, so it is necessary to incorporate it in this  local specialties, previously storm watchers found some comfort and safety in this fruit, in addition to having an aromatic flower with a sweet taste.
  • Small lamp grass: This is a type of grass that we can get in Wolvendum or Whispering Woods as well as being sold in Whisper Monsdtadt, being ideal to achieve the ascent of Ambar, Fischl and Diluc, on the other hand we can elaborate some recipes Amontonarlas since it's great for getting some interesting flavors, it's called lantern grass because it usually emits Genshin Impact nightlight. "
  • Dandelion seed: this is another necessary element in this local specialties since this is usually obtained at the gates of Monsdtadt mainly, although it is also possible to get it scattered throughout other places in this region, it is usually used for the preparation of potion of wind barrier and jet essential oil, this is an element that usually allows us to maintain hope from afar, especially considering that this seed in Genshin Impact usually moves with the wind.
  • Wolfhook: This is a type of berry that we can only find in Monsdtadt, specifically more regularly in Woldendom, of course this does not mean that there is no other way to find it since it can be obtained by buying it by Chloris the botanist of Windrise, it is an element necessary to ascend to Sucrose and Razor, just by looking at this berry of thorns it is possible to hear the cry of the wolves in the forest, especially since it regularly adheres to the skin of a wolf. "
  • Philanemo mushroom: This is usually obtained near the roofs of houses in Monsdtadt, however there is the possibility of being able to buy it since specifically the Chloris botanist can sell it in Windrise, it is an ideal element to ascend to Barbara, Mona and Klee, this mushroom usually grows in the warm caress of the wind. "
  • Steering Wheel Aster: this is a type of plant that usually grows from the statue of the seven of Windrise or the Terrorist Guard, in addition to being bought in Monsdtadt, it is useful to promote Bennett, Traveler, Sucrose, it is an ideal plant for the proud children of the wind.

What is Liyue's Local Specialties in Genshin Impact?

Liyue is the other region of this game and it also has its resources available, in the same way these are usually favorable and necessary for the ascension of characters, these are the following:


  •  Crystal lily: This is located in Qingce, or in the Port of Liyue, of course it is also possible to buy it since it is usually sold in the town of Qingce by Mrs. Bai, it is a necessary resource used in the ascent of Ningguang , this is a flower that can transform the memories of the earth into fragrance while it is blooming.
  • Cor Lapis: This crystal can be found on Mount Hulao specifically at the base of the cliffs in Liyue, it is necessary for the ascent of Keqing and Chongyun, it is simply a Geo crystal, it can also be called Cor Petrae, it is a material necessary for the preparation of Immovable Essential Oil and Anti-Dust Potion, so it is necessary to incorporate it into this local specialties.
  • Night Jade: This is a strange enough mineral that we can around the town of Mingyun in the Liyue caves, it is also possible to buy it since it is usually sold by Shitou in Liyue, it is necessary to achieve the ascension of Beidou, this mineral is simply a gemstone that has been condensed by some flourishing elements of the Genshin Impact world
  • Jueyin Chili: This is a plant resource that we can get in the village of Quingce, although it can also be found in nature in Liyue, It is ideal to achieve the ascension of Xiangling, it is vital for the preparation of some recipes such as the Qingce stir fry. , The black-backed perch stew, the Jade packages, among others, it is good to know that this plant can generate heat and thirst just by smelling it, because it is spicy.
  • Silk flower: This resource can be found around the Port of Liyue and around the Wangshu inn, it is a necessary material to ascend to Xingqiu, this is simply a crimson flower that `can become a fabric as soft as the texture of silk and it usually blooms like rainbow clouds.
  • Violetgrass: This is a resource that we can get in the cliffs of Liyue as it is growing, it is ideal to ascend to Qiqi in Genshin Impact, it serves in the preparation of the black-backed perch stew recipe and it is simply a small flower that prevents its fragrance from dissipating, this because its vitality is formidable enough.
  • Qingxin: This flower can be obtained in Jueyun Karst or in the Stone Forest, however it can also be bought in the herbalist in the port of Liyue, it is necessary for the ascension of Xiao, and we can observe it in the solitary plains of the top of the mountains, because of this translucent white flower that we can see on the highest stone peaks in the region.
  • Starconch: this resource can only be found on the beaches of Liyue, the idea is to get them and place them to your ear to listen to the calls of the sea, as they are easy to find since the tides usually bring the shells to shore.

 This is all we can tell you about the Local Specialties , because in reality it is a considerable amount of resources needed to promote characters and make some recipes in Genshin Impact, do not stop doing this interesting search.

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