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2020-10-27 10:20:19

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The action in Pokemon The Crown Tundra does not stop, so today we are going to explain where to find Oleana.

What to know about Oleana in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

She is the secretary of President Rose and the vice president of Macro Cosmos, certainly in the base game she may have great power, but among the things that this recent expansion brings us is nothing similar to the previous version, this one is looking for to Rose by all means, now so that we know Where to find Oleana we need to pay attention to the following content.

Where to find Oleana in Pokemon The Crown Tundra?

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At night it is possible to find Oleana in the old cemetery, taking into account that it is possible that it is so as long as we have completed the content of the story as a necessary requirement, otherwise it will not be here, after that we have to she will ask us to stop Rose and her plans to look for the second darkest day with Eternatus, which is possible to get it in the Galar Mine, when we manage to complete the story we have to get a clue near the door of the Dynamax adventure, certainly a As long as the conversation with her continues, she will tell us later that at night a long-haired woman has been seen visiting the tomb in the tundra looking for something as usual.

To meet Oleana it is necessary to go to the old cemetery at night, since with the purpose of the investigation on Rose she will be here, when we talk with this Peony and she will be confused with Rose, creating tension by this fact, which It will take into account that Peony is Rose's younger brother, hence Oleana's anger then.

We hope that the information detailed here on Where to find Oleana has been useful to have fun at Pokemon The Crown Tundra.

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