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Guide to learn how to catch Terrakion in Pokémon The Crown Tundra

 Pokémon The Crown Tundra It gives you multiple clues to find the legendary Pokémon of Terrakion, only that many do not know what these important signals are.

One of those clues is the Cavern Footprint, where it can be found scattered throughout the Giant's Bed area. The mission begins when you go to talk to Sonia for the first time about the footprints in the area that leads to the Legendary Pokémon once you have completed 100 percent of the evidence collection. In this guide we will give you all the details about it so that you can accomplish this mission easily.

How to catch Terrakion in Pokémon The Crown Tundra?

There are many footprints that you can find, so you should not worry so much about it, you will see that there will be many of them left over once you follow the indicated path. The tracks are gold in color with two dots indicating a set of tracks. Walking or biking on them will count them as collected.
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Evidence of the Terrakion footprint can be found throughout the Giant’s Bed area. You are more likely to come across footprint evidence if you search for it near rocks, mountains, trees, bushes. The clues are scattered close to you around you, so make sure you don't lose them in obvious places.

As we mentioned before, by having too many clues this increases the probability of finding it as well as making things easier and you can complete the progress in a few minutes. Once you are done, you will have to locate Terrakion in Giant’s Bed and fight to catch it.

Each footprint gives you 2 percent progress that adds up to progress toward 100 percent. Every time you find a footprint, you will get a 2 percent progress indication as counted. Your ultimate goal is to collect enough evidence that your progress reaches 100 percent.

 Now that you know how to catch Terrakion in Pokémon The Crown Tundra you can go to the place and try to capture this incredible Pokémon for your collection. Luck!

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