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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-26 15:20:32

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Guide to learn how to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Bros.35

  While everyone thought that all the unlockables in the game are found, a super fan of the franchise has provided a new unlockable character and it is nothing more and nothing less than the famous brother of the plumber: Luigi!

Now that you unlock Luigi in Super Mario Bros.35 and play as Mario's brother we have created this guide to help you with this.

How to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Bros.35?

You can unlock Luigi once you've reached "Star Level 1" or Level 100. So basically, you will first have to focus on increasing your level in the game.
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Once you're at Star Level 1, you'll need to hold down the L button while the game loads. This will allow you to unlock Luigi and now you can play as him. There's no sure news on how long you need to hold the L button, so it's best to hold it down until the game fully loads and you're ready to play as Luigi.

If you are one of those who have already advanced considerably in history then this should be very good news for you, because it adds that touch of customization in the game. You can keep progressing through the game to reach star level 2 and star level 3 by reaching level 200 and level 300 respectively.

  Now that you know how to unlock Luigi in Super Mario Bros.35 you can choose between these two great characters within the Nintendo franchise.

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