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2020-10-26 11:25:25

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We invite you to discover all about shaking the tree at Dyna Tree Hill, a new task at Pokémon Crown Tundra.

What is Tree Shaking on Dyna Tree Hill all about in Pokémon Crown Tundra?

There are some tasks that can get us out of our minds, one of them is the interaction with the legendary tree, once we have found it we will go on to visualize a cut scene, and then try to shake it, but we will notice that nothing happens for some 4 times, getting to keep trying again and again until a message is presented that will indicate that in the upper branches something has been shaken, moving to another option that consists of shaking it more and we will have a new message telling us that something under the tree and dragged us to a hiding place.
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What did we get from shaking the tree on Dyna Tree Hill in Pokémon Crown Tundra?

We get a Dynamax battle with Greedent, this occurs when we have shaken the tree enough, taking into account that we will fight against giant greed for the giant of this tree, it is important that our Pokemon are in top form, since it is not possible to invite to some NPC to join the game, we have to face the battle one on one, brute force is necessary here, if we have a Pokemon strong enough or of the fighting class we must have it ready before we shake the tree, If we do not have a Pokemon of this class, we will go through many problems, although it is possible to heal our team and return again in Pokémon Crown Tundra.

Once we are victorious, we will be able to get a series of berries that have fallen from the tree through the replicas of the battles, it is a total of 82 berries in this fight for the rewards and not for a capture, it is a single battle, so the mechanics for its restart is slower, it is not possible to do it daily, it is possible that it is at least once a month or even once a season, when shaking the tree in Dyna Tree Hill we have that the reward berries are divided as follows:


  •  Stela Berry x1
  • Lansat berry x1
  • Chople Berries x5
  • Sitrus Berries x10
  • Honduras Berries x15
  • Tamato berries x20
  • Orange Berries x30


 In this way we finalize our Pokémon Crown Tundra guide, now you know about shaking the tree at Dyna Tree Hill, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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