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2020-10-26 08:17:58

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We continue for Genshin Impact and this time we decided to tell you how to get Agnidus Agate Silver.

What is Agnidus Agate Silver in Genshin Impact?

This is a necessary ascension material that we must be able to cultivate in this game, it is important to understand that knowing how to get Agnidus Agate Silver allows us to have three particular ways to find it, and it is simply a necessary element in the ascension process of:


  •   Bennett.
  • Dilute
  • Klee.
  • Xiangling.

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How to get Agnidus Agate Silver in Genshin Impact?

It should be noted that there are only 3 particular ways to achieve it and these are the following:

  • Buy in the souvenir shop: this is a fairly simple option that does not require much work, but if some Geo Sigils, which leads us in the first instance to have to gather some amount before going to the store in the Port of Liyue, as each Agnidus Agate Silver has a value of 10 Geo Sigils.
  • Defeating Pyro Regisvine: Another way to get this resource is to face this world boss, a task that is not very simple but that in some way can be rewarding, which makes us have to embark on a trip to the east of Luhua Pool in Liyue, in order to defeat him and thus obtain this valuable resource.
  • Defeating the wolf of the north: It is necessary to clarify that this is a world leader for which it is necessary to mobilize to Monsdtadt, since defeating him allows us to get a chest the which we can open with a total of 60 Original Resins.

 Now that you know how to get Agnidus Agate Silver, it is time for you to try it because this allows us to have the possibility of using them to make other necessary elements in Genshin Impact.

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