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Guide to learn how to evolve to Poliwhirl in Pokemon Isle of Armor

In case you do not know, Poliwhirl is one of the 151 original Pokémon that just made its appearance again in the DLC of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Precisely how this version has returned, many players want to learn How to evolve Poliwhirl to its new version known as Polwag.

This water-type pokemon can evolve from level 25 and has a branched evolution beyond that point after becoming a Poliwhirl and in this article we will tell you more about it.

How to evolve to Poliwhirl in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Like Poliwhirl, Politoed is a pure water-type Pokémon. Unlike Poliwhirl, it was introduced to the second generation of Pokémon.

The first step in developing a Poliwhirl is to catch one. Poliwhirl can be found in Brawlers Cave, which is a new location introduced in the Pokemon Isle of Armor DLC. The second step is to obtain an item known as the King's Rock.

A King's Rock is an item that has a chance to cause the holder's moves to cause a Pokémon to be hit if hit first. It can be found in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on Route 8.

But in truth things are not so simple, since it can be found in the possession of wild Hawlucha with only a 5 percent probability., In any case, it needs this object to be able to evolve.

The last step to evolve is to exchange the Poliwhirl supporting the King's Rock to another player. It can simply be changed, but for many players, this may require a Nintendo Switch Online account taking into account the current conditions, but if you manage to get someone to do it you will see how the evolution will occur.

Once you follow this guide on How to evolve to Poliwhirl in Pokemon Isle of Armor you will see how your evolution will take place. And in case you want to use the King's rock you can use it to evolve other species such as Slowking

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