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2020-10-19 08:24:10

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Guide to learn how to use the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia

 You may still be discovering this game and not very aware of what is the utility of using the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia, but the truth is that having them on hand and knowing how to use them will surely give you an advantage to gather evidence and discover the ghost without let them kill you. The microphone is one of those elements that you need to know how to use and for that we have created this guide for you. Keep reading so you understand the meaning of this weapon.

How to use the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia?

The parabolic microphone is ideal for checking sound through walls and longer distances on larger maps. It costs $ 50 and you can take a maximum of 2. Any reading above 2 can be considered paranormal activity, while readings below 1 could be other noises in the environment. Since the microphone is very sensitive, it can also detect atmospheric disturbances.
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If you are planning to use the microphone or are using it, you should make sure that your teammates are quiet and do not make extra noises when using objects. This is because the reading will be affected by it.

You might think there is activity in a particular room when there isn't. It is a good article, but it has some errors at the time of writing this article. With this in hand, you can move around the map by saying "Give me a sign" repeatedly.

You can also show the other players your reading and compare them or you can use other pieces of evidence to finish the room of the suspicious ghost as a team.

  Now that you know how to use the parabolic microphone in Phasmophobia you will be able to more accurately detect those ghosts that seek to attack them in the game. Luck!

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