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Guide to learn how to use salt in Phasmophobia

 You are surely aware of the importance of salt in Phasmophobia, since with which you can use it in your ghost hunting adventures. But many players who are trying this cooperative psychological horror game wonder how to use the salt in Phasmophobia. Do not worry! in this guide we will tell you its usefulness in the game among other details.

How to use the salt in Phasmophobia?

Like some other equipment, salt can be used to find out where the Ghost is present or resides. You can buy it for $ 15 and you can take a maximum of 2. It has 3 uses so you can use it to detect the footsteps of ghosts.

To use it during the game, you will need to drop lots of salt on the ground near the room entrances and wait for the ghosts to leave footprints. With a glow stick or ultraviolet flashlight, you can track ghosts. You can also leave a glow stick next to the pile of salt for instant viewing when you find it. It is important to detect them quickly because they do not last long.
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    You should know that all ghosts can interact with him except the Wraith. If the Ghost steps on salt, it will immediately stop attacking but will also make the ghosts more active.

    With the help of these evidences, you can narrow down your ghost type and eventually discover it. Note that the ghost will not step on the salt if the Hunt continues, but this time he has to hide anyway because it can easily kill him. But the details that this is not the only use of the salt because you can also take a photo of some salt that has footprints to earn some money as a ghost investigator. This is how you take pictures with a digital camera.

      Now that you know how to use salt in Phasmophobia, you can take advantage of this material to track or defend yourself against ghosts in the game. Get ready for adventure and luck!

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