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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-19 15:12:04

More about: Baldur's Gate 3

Today we bring you a Baldur's Gate 3 guide where we propose to tell you How to beat the Spider Matriarch phase

Why is it necessary to beat the Spider Matriarch phase in Baldur's Gate 3?

This is simply a necessary task since she is the head of the spiders and it is our job to get rid of her, which makes us understand how necessary it is to know how to defeat the Spider Matriarch phase, only that this is a very particular encounter because not only It is a question of getting it out of our way but getting rid of the eggs, since if they manage to hatch easily, they will be our problem and they can end up being a formidable battle.

How to beat the Spider Matriarch phase in Baldur's Gate 3?

This is a fight that takes place in two phases, so that our first task is to eliminate the eggs and then the matriarch herself.

Eliminate the eggs first phase: This is a somewhat complex but necessary task, as this makes us have to use a member of our group to try to attract spiders, because although it is true we have managed to destroy some eggs, these are not all, which allows us to attract them to continue our work, they will choose to attack us and it is our task to fight a little with them, because before reaching this extreme it is necessary to consider that the number of eggs to be eliminated is 3 groups, but this task makes us have to make use of the invisibility potion.
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Eliminate the Spider Matriarch phase: we have already managed to eliminate the eggs, which gives us an advantage since they will not be able to hatch and become new spiders, but we move on to a second phase that can become a bit more complicated, as it is our task attack them or simply choose to throw the spider web, which we can do with some 4 damage attack, which can represent a well thought out movement, however it is vital to take care of AoE attacks since they contain some amount of poison and definitely if they are attacks that can make us fall.

The Spider Matriarch is undoubtedly a formidable enemy, it usually affects considerably the players who have a fairly low level, however, it is possible to choose to make the spiders fall into deep chasms, some may not fall there directly, but what that if it is certain it is that they will receive some considerable amount of damage, which undoubtedly represents an advantage for us, especially since this is a task that we must carry out alone.

This is all we know so far about how to beat the Spider Matriarch phase, so get ready to carry out a very interesting fight in Baldur's Gate 3.

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