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Persona 5 Royal: All romance guide

2020-04-01 21:30:09

The options to seek interaction with the main character of Persona 5 Royal leads us to want to inquire about the guide of romances, let's see.

Why should we get the guide of romances in Persona 5 Royal?

Obviously we are with the main character but here there are a number of interesting options that allow us to achieve a desired romance, since the most ideal is to meet the requirements and that with it we can continue a very interesting relationship.
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What is the guide to romances in Persona 5 Royal?

Ann Takamaki - Arcane Lovers

 In this guide to romances the first companion we meet in with Ann Takamaki, we can get her in the Shibuya underground shopping center, the ideal is to be at least at level 2 of kindness, if we are with that requirement up to date We can spend some amount of time with her during the campaign until we are presented with the option of getting a relationship with her, it is not very complicated in Persona 5 Royal just a matter of having the required requirement.

 Makoto Niijima - Arcane Priestess

 We continue our way in search of romances in order to get Makoto Niijima, only that we will see her playing automatically, but to get some link with her we will have to have a level 3 of knowledge, implying thereby spending a long time with She, as this companion we will first see her on the 3rd floor, after creating the link we must have at least a level 5 of charm, as it will be the only thing that allows us to be close to her, as you will see this guide to romances is interesting.

 Futaba Sakura - Hermit Arcane.

 While we are progressing in Persona 5 Royal we are offered the possibility of adding new characters to romance, and Futaba Sakura is one of them, and we must have a level 4 of friendliness to be able to interact with her, since we can get her outside of the LeBlanc café some How many days after having unblocked the social bond, with it we are offered the opportunity to spend some good time and get a quite romantic relationship while we progress this game naturally.

 Haru Okumura - The Empress Arcane

 We continue with our guide to romances and we continue with Haru Okumura who requires that we have a level of competence 5 because with this we are given the possibility of dating her to form a relationship, only that she unlocks when we unlock the social bond, then of this she will be waiting for us on a school roof during free time as we continue on Persona 5 Royal.

 Kasumi Yoshizawa - Arcana of Faith.

 This is a character that has been recently incorporated, and we can get it while we progress naturally in the game, here we have some interesting things that we must take into account, on the one hand the need to achieve at least rank 5 to be confident arises, But this presents a pause until the start of the new semester, obviously before November 18, but if we can do a moderately romantic exploration as long as our rank of confidant can be high, since it depends on the fact of being able to resume the relationship.

Tae Takemi - Arcanes of Death

 This character is a confidant and to be able to spend some time with her we must have at least a level 2 of guts, our job should be to visit her over the course of a few days, as this with the possibility of performing some clinical tests to raise the Rank of her confidant with us, in addition to spending a good amount of time with her, but that is not enough since later on it is necessary to have a level of charm if we want to continue chasing her so that a romantic option can be opened in Persona 5 Royal.

Sadayo Kawakami - Arcana of Temperance

 This person from our guide of romances acts as a confidant, since dating her implies having at least a level 3 of guts, it is also important that we review at a certain point in the game the cleaning services carried out by Ryuji and Mishima, after This if we can access a public phone that is quite close to the LeBlanc cafe where we will call Sadayo Kawakami, because we want to explore a romance with her, of course this does not happen suddenly and it is necessary to call her several times, she is a teacher of school that leads a double life in Persona 5 Royal.

Hifumi Togo - Star Arcana.

 Accepting her as a teacher allows us to unlock her social bond in Persona 5 Royal, and to explore a possible relationship with her we need to go to church at night, as she could be there since we have heard some comments that the Shogi master could be in this place, it is important to have some important requirements, because we must have a level 3 of charm to be able to spend time with it, and further raise the level of Yusuke Kitagawa's confidant, after that if we are presented with the possibility of follow a relationship with her.

Chihaya Mifune - Arcana of Fortune.

 Our guide of romances takes us a long and entertaining way, because we want to learn something about Chihaya and then proceed to visit it at night in order to buy a Sacred Stone that is worth 100,000 yen, after that we can continue to meet her in this same place, because already with our quite high level of confidant we will be able to fall in love with her.


Ichiko Ohya - Arcane of the Devil.

 Our progress through Persona 5 Royal occurs in a very interesting way and this implies finally getting us with Ichiko Ohya whom we will meet in a bar in Shinjuku, where `we can visit her a number of times in order to increase our range considerably in order to explore a interesting relationship with her thus allowing us to get an interesting romance guide.

 Now that you know how to continue in the guide of romances it is time to relax a little, because we have already advanced enough in Persona 5 Royal

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