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Persona 5 Royal: How to Unlock the Third Semester

2020-04-01 22:14:07

Today we bring you a Persona 5 Royal guide where we will explain how to unlock the third semester.

What should we know about the third semester at Persona 5 Royal?

In this game we have one of the greatest things we could have in the game, we talk about the third semester of school, this once the original game of 2017 is over, we have to have a fight with the god of control, thus reaching the true ending of the original, where we have that the thieves are going to ride in search of a decent ending, with Royal it will be possible to defeat the God of Control, which will start the third semester, being affected by deleting the original ending, seeking to know how to unlock the new third semester, within our reach is the content of this guide below.

How to unlock the third semester in Persona 5 Royal?

What we have to do to carry out this unlocking are some requirements that we will have to meet, which are the following:

  • Refusing to sell the Ghost Thieves
  • Reach Rank 9 of the Maruki Confidant by November 17.
  • Refusing to sell the Ghost Thieves to Sae during questioning.

As if we have something simple in mind, in the interrogation with Sae Niijima that will take place in the main part of the game, we must refuse to sell our allies in any way, denying their existence, in addition, that they supported us, this happens the 11/20, at the time that Sae will ask us to sell them, our fellow phantom thieves and agree to support her.

On that date we have to deny our cooperation, thus protecting our allies regardless of anything, maintaining the ties we have created with our friends while we are working to carry out the unlocking of the third semester, another of the necessary requirements is that we carry to the 9th level of confidant to Takuto Maruki before the 17th of November arrives, which means that the invitations that Maruki receives we have to accept, regarding the counseling sessions at the Shujin Academy, in the infirmary office We will pay a visit.

In relation to How to unlock the new third semester, we must take into account the social bond of Maruki will be that of the Counselor, in order to level your Confident liaison quickly, we must ensure that a person is held as the Counselor liaison in the arsenal, being reunited with him, which allows an increase in the position towards him a little more than normal regarding speed, fulfilling both requirements in the main part of Persona 5 Royal, we will thus achieve the third semester, this adds a epilogue of about 15 hours for the original game.

Finally, we now know how to unlock the new semester, allowing us to move on to Persona 5 Royal.

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