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BitLife: How to earn money with a divorce

2020-04-01 21:10:17

Knowing how to make money from a divorce is as interesting a matter as it is in real life, only this time we will explain the details of BitLife.

How to earn money with a divorce in BitLife?

This topic of divorces in this game is so similar to real life, because it is hardly usually clean, quite a strong process, all the elements are immersed the children suffer because mom and dad will no longer talk to each other, there are slanders, a number of facts that make it complex, but with the advantage for those who separate playing their cards well and keep the final decision in their favor.

The ideal is that before marrying what is called a prenuptial agreement is made, because this agreement can get both parties to receive the same on equal terms, since this benefits both of them in terms of assets before marriage so as not to lose nothing, so if we have signed it without knowing we will simply be left with nothing.

We can count on the option of ignoring the prenuptial agreement, since the lawyers are there to support it in such a way that they reach an agreement that implies a bank balance, this means that the future of the ex-husband the ex-husband could be assured, since a An example of this could be:

If the husband works as a grocer and only receives $ 15,000 a year, while the wife is a pornstar who receives $ 100,000, it is most likely that she ends up paying her ex, this being an excellent way as to How to earn money with a divorce.

How to make a career with divorce at BitLife?

Divorces allow us to get some love interests from the rich, because there is the possibility that if the woman is lazy but good-looking, she can get married quickly and often when she is fed up, she can get a divorce, because in this way it begins A career based on the topic of How to earn money with a divorce quickly and easily enough, the important thing is that who you marry can be a quite old but wealthy person.

Perhaps the best way to achieve our goal on How to make money with a divorce is to be quite lazy, since the ideal is not to have much in the bank, since this is an excellent option to get someone rich, the only thing that should worry us at this point is to get the unsuspecting and for this we can use a dating application, we can get this in the "Activities" menu more then going down says "Love" we press that option and look for old men with a lot of money.

 Already with the supposed love that we have achieved we can afford to go on vacation to make them happy and that this can allow us to make the relationship strong enough, also plan the wedding, having the possibility of signing a prenuptial agreement but we will refuse and not They abandoned us because we have already taken care of them quite well that they did not care about the so-and-so agreement, of course at first it seems not to work but you will see that as you become a veteran that works quickly.

 A year together is more than enough to proceed with the divorce request in BitLife, we will only have to enter the menu and look for where it says "Relations", we will choose our spouse and proceed to "obtain the divorce", the good thing is that of course We have signed the happy agreement and we do not have money, they will simply have to give us half of what they had and in cash, so it ends up being a great way to get money.

 Finally knowing how to make money with a divorce becomes a necessary activity to live life to obtain large sums in BitLife.

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