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Persona 5 Royal: How to Get the True Ending

2020-04-01 21:00:29

Knowing how to get the true ending is an interesting option we can choose from while hooked on Persona 5 Royal

Why get the true ending in Persona 5 Royal?

 To know how to get the true ending it is important to go through a series of requirements while we are playing, since the game as such brings certain unique tasks that can lead to the true ending, obviously this is naturally blocked, but it is only a matter of completing the requirements and In this way, achieve the canonical ending that we are waiting for so long, join me in this Persona 5 Royal guide to discover it, because achieving this ending allows us to fully enjoy history and all its events.

How to get the true ending in Persona 5 Royal?

Obtaining this final only depends on the capacity with which we can achieve 4 necessary requirements, since it is important to be clear that there is no need to damage any event, just follow the correct steps and here we will gradually give you the indications so that it is quite comfortable when it comes to getting it.
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Obtain rank 9 of confidant with Maruki by the date of November 18.

 Before continuing, it is important to clarify that Maruki is a counselor who is barely coming to the game, because we can get it at the Shujin Academy when he wants to be a mentor to some schoolchildren, as this occurs after the events of Kamoshida, to this counselor We will meet him in some sessions and there we must choose to achieve some level of social connection with him, the good thing is that there is no specific requirement and it is only necessary to get some time to go down to the first floor of the building in order to visit him. and in this way increase their level, and thereby molding the possibility of knowing how to obtain the true end

Achieve rank 8 confidant with Akechi by the date of November 24.

 The return of this character for Persona 5 Royal allows us to see that he has a new social bond of Confident, the detail here is that we are obliged to increase his position to the point that by November 24 he can be in eighth place, because It will only be enough to get Akechi and that is in Kichijoji, since it is usually in the place of darts and sniper penguin billiards, the good thing is that we can already have Councilor Maruki and in one way or another it is done a little easier, because we do not necessarily have to have some high statistics.

 Gain confidence rank 5 with Kasumi by the date of December 18.

 First of all we must remember that Kasumi is one of the characters that we need when it comes to knowing how to get the true ending, since he is a character that we will see relatively few times while we play, but obviously he needs to increase the range of confidant, the good thing is that for a On the other hand, she can also be found in Kichijoji, on the other hand, we can approach her whenever we can and invite her to take a night walk around the city, because there we can have some kind of conversation.

 Being able to reject all the offers presented by the antagonist during the third quarter.

 Rejecting all these offers does not affect in any way the course of Persona 5 Royal, because we can get the real end, but this antagonist will try to do everything possible to get ahead with the fall of the God of Control and side with them twice different, one in January and the other in February, the important thing here is that when the occasion arises we will have to refuse outright, since we are practically at the closing point and we cannot fall for unnecessary simplicities.

 This is all we know and we can share with you about How to get the real ending, we hope you will carry it out and when you do, tell us what you think, because Persona 5 Royal brings several interesting changes.

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