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Predator Hunting Grounds: How to Heal - Tips and tricks

2020-04-01 21:19:12

Today we bring you a guide of interesting tips on how to heal an important detail while we are in Predator Hunting Grounds.

 While we are playing here we can get ourselves the possibility that we take our character to a high level, thereby allowing us to find out how to heal ourselves since normally these games here usually happen very quickly, which implies a lot of wear and tear.

How to heal as a team member in hunting grounds at Predator Hunting Grounds?

 That really is a simple activity and with many different ways of carrying it out, since everything follows in itself from the side in which we find ourselves fighting, since each way we play implies some different methods to use to cure our character.

 Playing as a member of the fire team implies for example making use of a healing object belonging to the set of support objects and it is the syringe of our hud while we are moving by bicycle for this we will have to use the direction button to the left or right of the D-pad and then we proceed to press R1, the detail is that we will only have the possibility of using only two during the game. It is important to note that this element can only be used if we have managed to select it when we load our party at the beginning, that is, if when we load the healing syringe is not included, then we simply cannot choose to cure our character in Predator Hunting Grounds.
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A second alternative leads us to look for first aid kits, the detail is that they are scattered throughout the map and are relatively few, but when we manage to get some we can truly determine that knowing how to heal is fundamental, as they are great health restorers. , so when we finally have one of them we place in front of this kit, then we press the Square button so that a ring can appear on our screen, the way to know if we are healed is when the circle that is around has been completed, just focus being alert, having a partner would be an excellent idea, counting that while we heal we could become quite vulnerable.

The third method is to get our partner to revive us, if we have been left with absolutely no health, it is quite complex, and if we work we can recover a large part of our health, because not even something more than what we had when we fell, just This method is quite risky and requires that we are at the gates of death. To do this, press and hold the Square button.

 This is the quick summary of How to heal in Predator Hunting Grounds.

  • Controls of the healing method.
  •  Make use of the healing syringe either on the left or the right with the D-pad allowing us to press R1.
  • Making use of the first aid kit and pressing and holding the Square button.
  • Being revived from death by another player by pressing and holding the Square button

How to heal if we play as a predator in Predator Hunting Grounds?

We also have the option of being able to play as a predator and obviously we want to heal ourselves, but here if we do not have so many alternatives, there is only one and it has its advantages, because first of all it is important to consider that it can be a quite dangerous cure, the good thing is that We can heal at any time, allowing ourselves to kill ourselves to the right could be more complex, managing to chase the enemies.

To get cured we must make use of alien tools, the wheel of the weapon is the way to start, there we press L1 and turn the analog stick on the left side in the direction of the tool so that it is equipped, and we can finally heal ourselves using R2, only at this moment we could receive an attack, but the risk is worth it anyway, because in this way knowing how to really heal has great value.

 In general terms we play as a member or as a predator presents its options on how to heal, making it possible for us to enjoy Predator Hunting Grounds in a simple way.

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