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Today we bring for you a Roblox guide where we will explain How to install on Chromebook.

What to know about Roblox?

We are before a game that has managed to add great popularity in the various devices in which it is available, such as PC, mobile and even Xbox, but now presents the possibility to see How to install on Chromebook, and we can help us with the details of this guide, let's see.


How to install on Chromebook Roblox?

We will see the options that allow us to solve How to install on Chromebook Roblox and these are as follows:

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    • Google Play: we are before the most common option that is presented to play it on the Android and will also serve on a Chomebook, taking into account that there are models that will access Google Play Store, then you can download and install applications that are often on cell phones, what we will do is give in our user picture to get to the settings, then we look for Google Play Store, in case of not finding it is not possible to access Roblox by this method, then what we will do is look for the option to activate and accepting the terms of service, which will allow us to perform the installation of the game by opening the Chrome browser.
    • Playing remotely: it is about playing through the Chromebook remotely, only that to do so we depend on a friend who has the game installed on a Mac or PC, considering that the Chromebook have on their desktop with a Chrome remote application, which allows the connection with other computers that have this game, despite not being the solution of How to install on Chromebook we can play, only that the computer must have the game and Chrome installed, then we use the Chrome remote desktop in the Chrome web Store giving in add to Chrome, you must do the same on that computer to which we will connect and only remain to log in on both devices.

    • In Linux: this option is to have installed this operating system on our Chromebook managing to run the game virtually, then when Linux is installed, and we have chosen virtual machine to use we have to go to the website of the game to download the version compatible with this operating system, only that the fluidity of the game is not the same as on a PC or Mac, but we can play it.
    Finally, now that we know how to install on Chromebook, we can have another option to have fun in Roblox.

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