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We continue talking about PS5 and this time it is in order to tell you How to fix it is not updated.

What is the cause for the PS5 not updating?

Quite simply, many users tend to feel worried because these do not usually occur, and it is vital to update it because there are some games and content that normally require it and this will not change, in such a way that knowing how to solve it is not updated is our question today for which fortunately we have a solution, this in itself leads us to make it clear that this is usually caused by a lack of space on the hard drive.

How to fix not updating in PS5?

For our good fortune today there is nothing that cannot have some kind of solution and for this we write here some actions that you can apply to do it in PS5 and they are:
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    Find to restart the PS5 in safe mode: this is an excellent option to know How to fix it does not update and for them it is only necessary:


    •  Turn off our console just by pressing the button located on the front.
    • Press and hold the button until the second beep is heard, which indicates that it boots in safe mode.
    • We connect the DualSense.
    • We proceed to press the button on the PS5 remote in order to pair.
    • Then we press "Restart PS5", just press "X" and that's it.


     The sole possibility of doing a reboot may be more favorable than we might think, since it is the first option that we apply for many inconveniences and it is viable to know how to solve it does not update, also this does not usually take a long time to run.

    Download, install and update the PS5 software: this turns out to be another option that can be applied, because in case the previous solution has not yielded the necessary results, it is possible:


    •  Install the latest system software update for which it is necessary to connect the USB drive with a free storage space of at least 2 GB to the PC.
    • You need to create a folder under the name PS5 in the update folder.
    • We proceed to download the file from the PS5 official website and save it under the name "PS5UPDATE.PUP" in the update folder.
    • Then it is necessary to connect the USB drive to the PS5 and turn on the console just by pressing the button.
    • Then we must go to "Configuration" and choose to locate "System software update" and proceed to follow the instructions shown on the screen.


     It is possible to choose to update the software automatically for which it is only necessary to use the DualSense and go to "Configuration" where it is only necessary to select "System" and from there locate "System software update and configuration", this allows us make some changes so that the updates can be installed automatically, we only proceed to select "Update system software" and if there are updates they will be installed without having to do anything other than wait a while.

    Completely turn off the PS5: this is the last option we recommend, for this it is necessary to ensure that all the energy is exhausted and for this it is necessary:


    •  Press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds, or until the LED light turns off.
    • Then we must unplug the power cord from the back of the console.
    • Wait about 20 minutes before plugging in and turning the PS5 back on.


     Restart the PS5: this solution is usually applied when we have exhausted all the possibilities about How to fix it does not update, it is necessary to take care of creating a backup before performing this process, this in order to prevent the saved data from being lost and for this it is necessary.


    •  Go to "Settings", then locate "Saved data and settings for games and applications."
    • Then we select "Saved data".
    • We choose the data we want to save and click Next.
    • After the copy has been made it is necessary to go to "Settings" and then to "System"
    • We proceed to select "System Software" and then "Reset Options".
    • Next we select "Reset the console" and then "Reset" so that it can be restarted and choose to access the configuration process.

     Definitely, knowing how to solve it is not updated allows us to have the possibility of continuing to enjoy everything new that PS5 has for us.

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