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Today we bring you a guide to PS4, where we will talk about How to connect the PS45 control.

What to know about the use of the PS45 control in PS4?

It is important to note that it is something possible to do, it is normal to think about it if we have both consoles, only that it requires a series of steps to achieve it, since it must be considered that it is only possible to use it in the opposite way, now to understand how to connect the PS45 control we will have the details explained in this guide, just pay attention to the following.

How to connect PS45 control to PS4?

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    It is necessary that we have an application on our PC or laptop, this being PS4 Remote Play, with which it is possible to establish the connection between the PS45 control with our PS4 console, then the USB cable that corresponds to the PS45 control we have to connect it to our PC to use the application, when it is in operation we will be able to solve How to connect the PS45 control.

    As we do not have any control option, and we have the one of the PS45, it is normal to want to use it, but certainly we must highlight the impossibility of having the experience that can be obtained in the real console to which the control belongs, the function of this is similar that we were playing a PS4 game on the PS45 console, which becomes an optical feedback, on the official page we have that Sony tells us that the DualSense control is not compatible, so the only option is the one mentioned before with the application on our PC, in case of changes in this regard we will know.

    In this way we finish our PS4 guide, now you know how to connect the PS45 control, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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