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The action does not stop at Genshin Impact, so today we are going to explain where to find the treasure cave of the secret stone door.

What to know about the treasures in Genshin Impact?

It is important that we get used to those treasures that are somehow hidden, this occurs in the rubble, vines and brambles, through challenges even through the doors, taking into account that when we are located in Teyvat we will see more frequently all class of chest, the most prominent will lead us to understand where to find the treasure cave of the secret stone door, so we will have the details right now.

Where to find the secret stone door treasure cave in Genshin Impact?
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    When facing a challenge it is possible to consider the proximity of some treasure, these being visible but difficult to access, taking into account the objects of importance hidden and out of our reach, we must go beyond tactics such as elemental vision, since we will pass a lot of work if it is in our purpose, that of the secret stone door we have it along the slopes, taking the entire place west of Dragonspine, which for now we do not have access in any way to this area, starting from the Southwest of the dawn cellar we can arrive, on the map we will look for the text related to the stone door, to the east of here we find the cave and in the same way as to the north of the salt text.

    To get to a cavern it is necessary to pass through a wooden bridge that is in poor condition, now if we go down this cavern we will reach a special place where we will find a couple of chests, since they are hidden, it must their content is very good, just by opening them we will realize that we obtain, the elemental sight is of great importance in tactics, which helps us to find green spirits such as Seelie, with the purpose of taking them to their homes, It is always appropriate to value the treasures in this game, so it is not wasted effort.

    Finally, now that we know where to find the secret stone door treasure cave, we can move on in Genshin Impact.

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