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Destiny 2: How to Get Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

2019-06-14 15:04:43

Destiny 2 has brought velta from its first delivery to an exotic element, it is the Truth Rocket Launcher. To obtain this weapon it is necessary to carry out a certain search, although it will not be as difficult as it may be thought, however it will take some time for the players. However, in this article of xboxplay.games we will present the details and recommendations that you must take into account to obtain the Truth exotic rocket launcher.

How to get the exotic Truth rocket launcher in Destiny 2

get the exotic Truth that has been brought back in Destiny 2, a search
must be carried out that implies carrying out several activities. These
range from playing in the Menagerie, completing challenges in Petra
Venj, as well as finding fragments of an Asund Map.

Something important that the player should know is that for most of the activities you should take the Queensfoil Tincture consumable, since they require being in the "Ascending" state.

1. Complete the Menagerie and defeat the new boss

The first thing to do to get the exotic Truth in Destiny 2 is to play in the Menagerie activity. In this you will face the new Ogre boss and you must defeat him to open the way to the next stage of the search that is A Scrap of Paper.

2. A Scrap of Paper: Visit Petra Venj and complete an Ascending Challenge

The next step to get the exotico rocket launcher Truth in Destiny 2 is to go to Petra Venj. You can get it in the City of Dreams, where it will be necessary to complete an Ascendete Challenge.

At this point, it is important that players take the Tincture of Queensfoil, since with this object it is possible that the player can see things that at first glance does not, entering an "Ascending" state. In this state it is possible to see the Ascending planes where you should go.

Upon completing the Ascent Challenge of Petra Venj and getting the reward chest, you must follow the next step that is to collect fragments of an Asund Map.

3. Get the Asund Map fragments: Locations

What follows the search in Destiny 2 to obtain the exotic rocket launcher Truth is to find the four fragments of a map that are distributed in different locations.

To get the first fragment of the map it is necessary to go to The Bay of Drowned Wishes in The Dreaming City near Petra. Being in the area players must have the Queensfoil Dye effect that gives the Ascendant status benefit. This is necessary because it is necessary to see the platforms that will appear in the middle of the Lost Sector area.

The second fragment of the map is obtained taking direction towards Tangled Shore in Jetsam of Saturn. In this area, players must go to the tunnel until they meet a large Hive category, which they must destroy to get the map fragment.

Obtaining the third fragment of the map implies that the players complete a Dusk.

The four fragment of the map is located in Nessus. The players must go to the Cistern. It is necessary that players have the Ascendant benefecio activated by Tinfo de Queensfoil, since under this state they will be able to see the platforms that appear on Vex Milk.

4. Overcome the challenges to get the Asund Map fragments

Knowing the locations where the fragments of the Asund Map can be obtained in the search to obtain the exotic rockets launcher Truth in Destiny 2, now you must know the challenges that have to be done to get the fragments:
  • - Fragment 1: The Bay of Drowned Wishes in The Dreaming City. A badge of a fallen corsair must be found and returned to any corsair post. It is likely that a badge of a corsair is available in the inventory, but if that is not the case then one can be obtained by doing any activity in the Dreaming City area.
  • - Fragment 2: Tangled Shore in Jetsam of Saturn. Get 100 Hive deaths.
  • - Fragment 3: complete a Dusk. However, it must be done with handicap of 100 or higher and get 60 deaths with a rocket launcher.
  • - Fragment 4: Get 50 rocket launcher deaths in Nessus while in Ascending state.

5. Complete Warden of Nothing Strike to get the Truth rocket launcher

Once the above is done, the next step to get the exotic Truth rocket launcher is to load the Warden of Nothing Strike. For this you should only choose the normal event in the Tangled Shore directory. Duranete the development of the event are hidden some small bright articles, it is necessary to find and activate five of these.

Subsequently, it is likely to meet the boss, who must be defeated. Then you must consume a Queensfoil Tincture to access the Ascendete platform where the boss was. To the right is the chest containing the exotic rocket launcher Truth.

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