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Destiny 2: How to Get the Variks

2019-08-22 22:10:29

In this guide we will guide you so you can get the Variks in Destiny 2.

The importance of obtaining the Variks in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has recently included the Triumph system, which is excellent as it would be another option to play part of the story mode. On the other hand, if the assignments of the seals are completed, for which some time is necessary for them to be released, on the other hand when it concludes there is the possibility that you can acquire a special title where your username will be shown It also shows you what other participants in Destiny 2 have won.

Obtaining the Variks is important, since it is part of the books and this is more special, since it contains a number of rules that make it more complex to acquire it, in Destiny 2. In total there are 10 books that are in all the content of the game, and these have essential tasks among which is the meeting of Drifter with Queen Mara Sov.

Where to get the Variks in Destiny 2?

In general terms the Variks can be obtained in the house of the fallen trial or in former guardian of the prison of the elders, so unlike the other books, it is not possible to find them as within the normal game, which means that accessing the history books are achieved every 7 weeks in the flashpoint milestone, because there a space is generated on the tangled coast of the game and this originates in Tangle, because there you can get alternatives to be able to find the history books alone every one.

Obtaining the Variks is of vital importance, so the easiest way to get to the history books one by one, is to use normal or heroic events, since these have an origin in relation to the books and their specific destination in the game.

In the meantime, a very good event is the cryo-pod event, because they are fast and usually a public event that presents us with a higher fall than the traditional one, in reality it is vital, so the effort is really valuable in Destiny 2

It should be emphasized that the missions to acquire the history books are quite simple and comfortable, with the disadvantage of not exploiting your generation possibilities to the fullest. So, if what you want is to continue with the Tangled Shore method, then you simply have the option to explore a couple of lost sectors. On the other hand Kingship Dock is also presented as an option to clear in Destiny 2.

Meanwhile, Heroic Adventures is a mission where you can get the history books, among which stands out, get the Variks, because here the highest generation of the books is concentrated one by one, only, it is a task that we spend more time in Destiny 2, which is a bit more complex.

Remember that players usually require to perform all activities several times so that they can acquire all the knowledge of the books.

We hope our guide helps you along the way so you can get the Variks in Destiny 2.

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